We offer highly trained and accredited Close Protection (CP) and Personal Security Details (PSD) for both executive and hostile operating environments, to provide an integral part of the clients’ security with a primary objective of ensuring the personal security of the client and their assets. Modern day executive protection is made up of several key components including but not restricted to risk and threat assessments, programme and client management co-ordination and travel detail and the direct personal protection of the protected individual. Noble Protection deliver’s protection bespoke to suit it’s clients immediate and on-going need and requirements and provide covert and overt protection, discrete, low profile, alternatives fulfilling security objectives with minimal imposition to the clients in all theatres of operation both hostile and sterile environment.

We provide clients with highly professional protection teams, all of our close protection officers are trained to the highest level in a wide and varied range of tactical, protective and security related duties that include personal protection, first ad, protocol and diplomacy. A vast majority of our protection officers come from specialist military and policing units all are wide experienced in diverse hostile and sterile environment of close protection and offer years of experience in these theatres of operation.