NOBLE PROTECTION”S Life Support teams operating in remote, often austere locations, disaster areas, and high threat environments is stressful; familiar surroundings, services and facilities make for a more contented and motivated workforce. NOBLE PROTECTION’S Life Support team designs, builds, manages and operates long and short-term accommodation.

NOBLE PROTECTION’S Life Support teams can deploy to the most remote regions in the world, and can have catering and hospitality facilities operational in 30 days; procurement, construction, staffing, operation and maintenance – guaranteed.

NOBLE PROTECTION’S Life Support teams,  can provide a spectrum of housing solutions, from short-term transient camps, to full-service camps with medical and support functions with bespoke billeting and top class recreation and lifestyle facilities.

NOBLE PROTECTION’S Life Support, services and facilities aim to provide customised, international standard of living and working environments. Our personnel are fully trained; all menus and services are tailored for the client, and the upmost consideration given to variation and comfort.

Please contact us regarding your Life Support queries, We are happy to provide you with any information you may require.