NOBLE PROTECTION offers a complete range of protective services and Residential Services for urban and rural residences and business in the Untied Kingdom and abroad.

Countryside and rural crime is increasing rapidly throughout the British Isles and these crimes range from trespassing to violent crime and worse.

The current economic climate and reduction of police services and manpower has prompted crime to increase through town environments and spread into rural and countryside locations. With this ever increasing rise in residential crime, NOBLE PROTECTION has been more frequently engaged by individuals to proved professional residential security services and security drives to safeguard and protect their families and assets, especially for country estates where police response times may be slower.

NOBLE PROTECTION allows people to live their lives and enjoy their country homes and properties in a safe and secure environment; allowing farmers and country business to operate with peace of mind and concentrate on their business – without the worry of machinery being stolen or property and assets being damaged, destroyed or tampered with. Many rural properties suffer this form of crime, causing unwanted damage, personal upset and increased insurance premium as a result.

Taking a proactive measure with regard to the security and protection of your family, property and assets will not only meet insurance requirements, but will also deter criminals from making you, your business or your family a target or another statistic.

We offer covert and overt technical solutions in addition to a free initial consultancy and advisory services. We respect our clients’ confidentiality at all times by ensuring the upmost discretion and protocols are in place at all times.

NOBLE PROTECTION offer a 24/7 mobile patrol unit, which serves as a “village safeguard” service. This service is available for any client within our service range should they need or require this dedicated security service.

The mobile patrol vehicles carry a wide range of emergency related equipment such as medical kits, emergency tools, fire fighting equipment, ropes, ladders and other specialised kit. We are on hand to respond to alarm activations, holiday security cover and any other emergency needs.

Our duty patrol officers are all close protection and first aid trained, and accompanied by a security dog. Our patrol officers work and liaise directly with local law enforcement agencies and neighbourhood watch schemes.

We offer our clients a reliable, personal and immediate 24/7 service dedicated to protection to you in an anxiety free environment.