Our Security Design Solutions division offers a technology driven security, intelligent building and transport system focused consultancy service to clients wishing to design, implement and integrate highly complex IT projects. We provide best value to clients when engaged early in a project working from the inception of an idea providing full lifecycle business case, feasibility, design and project management advice.

Our qualified design operatives are supplier independent and provide innovative best of class solutions for the client that will ensure fit for purpose and deliver value managed service derived from the latest proven technology on the market.

The scope of services and expertise offered by NOBLE PROTECTION encompasses and exceeds the normal industry offerings and as such we specialise in servicing the following markets and types of project:

Property and infrastructure security – security and access control systems, area wide cordon and ring of steel networks, intelligent building systems, telecommunication systems, intelligent visual systems, intelligent ID cards, business process analysis.

Intelligent transportation systems – intelligent road, rail, air and maritime systems including vehicle monitoring and classification, RFID tagging, journey time management, tolling & charging, number plate and other vehicle and visual recognition systems, incident detection, national and city wide surveillance systems, command and control centres, data and disaster recovery centres.

Telecommunications networks – fixed, wireless, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Mesh and IP networks for either national, city wide or rapid deployment including transmission of voice, data and images. Data and Image centres – local and national police and city authority command and control centres with data capture including resilience and disaster recovery measures.